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1. Multi-Mode Connection:

LK84 provides a variety of connection methods, including 2.4G wireless mode, Bluetooth three-channel and USB C wired mode. It can connect 5 devices at the same time and switch easily, which is very suitable for home office and games.

2. Ultra-thin low-profile keyboard:

Unlike the bulky full-size layout, this 75% layout 84-key keyboard features a low-profile design from the bottom plate to the entire keyboard, with low-profile brown switch key caps, designed to minimize operating distance.

3. RGB Backlit:

Independent RGB lighting effect design of the whole keyboard, the lighting effect is delicate and soft, with a variety of cool lighting effects, with 19 backlight modes, multiple brightness levels, adjustable breathing speed and breathing mode, support for custom full keyboard backlight.

4. Ergonomic PC Gaming Keyboard:

Aluminum Series Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with ergonomic design and high quality durable ABS keycaps with board mounted mechanical keys and brown switches, even during the most tested marathon gaming sessions Can also stand.

Low Profile Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The layout is only 75% of the ordinary keyboard, the shape is simple and stylish, extremely thin and light, and you can take it out anytime, anywhere.

Large Capacity Battery

Built-in 1800mAh high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery with long battery life. It supports continuous use of more than 12H with the lights on, and the standby time is 400H. You can charge it anytime with the included Type-C cable.

Rainbow backlit keycaps

With cool and colorful keycap backlight, you can adjust the size of the light, even in low-light scenes, the office will not be affected.

2.4G+Bluetooth 1/2/3+wired Connection, Wide Compatibility

2.4G+BT1+BT2+BT3+wired 5 connection methods, switch devices at any time, double the efficiency.

Choose Your Preferred Connection Mode

• 2.4G mode

1. Turn on the switch on the upper part of the keyboard

2. Take the USB receiver on the back of the keyboard and plug it into your computer. After manually clicking connect, press FN+4 to use the keyboard.

•BT1/BT2/BT3 mode

1. Turn on the switch on the upper part of the keyboard.

2. Press FN+1 to switch the keyboard to BT1 mode.

3. Press and hold the FN+1 key for 3 seconds, the signal light flashes blue quickly, and the keyboard enters the pairing state.

4. Turn on Bluetooth on your computer. Find the keyboard named WOMIER LK84 to connect it. The keyboard can be used after the connection is successful.

• Wired mode

1. Connect the keyboard to the computer using the included data cable

2. Set the switch on the top of the keyboard to OFF and use a wired connection

Common Function Keys:

FN+ESC hold for 3 seconds: Restore factory settings

FN+ ·~:USB-C wired mode

FN + 1/2/3: Switch Among the Bluetooth Devices Connected under Channels 1 to 3. (Refer to the manual for details)

FN+4: Switch to 2.4G frequency matching

FN+5: Switch to PC mode

FN+6: Switch to MAC mode

FN+page up: Game mode light recording

FN+page down: Switch to next color