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XVX PBT keycaps crack up your gaming gear with aesthetic pleasing Colorful Keycaps style! No one likes a boring one color keyboard!

We have 110-184 keys Keycaps set for Mechanical Keyboard to PC Gamer.

Compatible with MX structure switches including but not limited to Cherry, Gateron and Kailh etc.

-Keys Amount: 110-184 keycaps

-Material: High quality thick PBT, about 1.3~1.5mm thick

-Height: XVX profile

-Standard ANSI: US Layout

-Shine-Through Keycaps: 110 keys set type with shine-through feature, with RGB keyboard to show more dazzling RGB lamp effect. 184 keys set type without shine-through feature.

-Note: The spacebar is 6.25u (11.7cm). It can’t be compatible if your spacebar is 6/6.5/7u

-Warm Tips:

Only keycaps, no the keyboard. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can send it to our customer service at any time.you can get our lifetime after-sales service~ We will always help you until you solve your confusion and problems.

About this item

1. Double Shot Design.

These keycaps are made from two layers plastic molded into each other. It will not wear down and lose their lettering with time. High quality thick PBT material with thickness of 1.3mm~1.5mm.

2. Widely Compatible.

Keycaps are available for MX-stem switches (Cherry, Gateron, Kailh, Outemu, etc). 110-184 keys can fit most 61/87/104/108 key customized mechanical keyboards.

3. XVX Profile.

XVX Profile It is ergonomic, feels more comfortable, and increases the contact surface between the keycap and your fingers, which can be used for a long time at work or games without fatigue.

4. Extremely Simple Color.

Vibrant colored keycaps make your keyboard no longer boring and monotonous. The keycaps have good light transmittance. It can effectively improve the RGB lighting effect of the gaming keyboard and create a gaming atmosphere.