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Womier K87 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Gateron Switch TKL Hot Swappable Keyboard Partitioned RGB Backlit Compact 87 Keys PCB CASEWomier K87 Made of translucent shell, high-quality acrylic material

Womier gaming keyboard This 360°Acrylic Case,TKL Mechanical Keyboard. This form factor could be a good presence for RGB keyboard, lights could shine through the case but not too dazzling since the case is with a well matted texture.

87 keys with the perfect size,Make your desk space more sufficient, and it's good for Home and Office use, without Numpad, more practical for Gamers and Typist, give more space to your desktop.

Our TKL Mechanical Keyboard comes with the EXTREMELY POPULAR Gateron Mechanical Switches that last for over 100 million presses, to meet the player's hand.

6 themed lighting effects, a total of 18 cool lighting effects

The keyboard casing is made out of frosted acrylic (Polymeric Methyl Methacrylate by CNC technics), so it let those RGB colours nicely to illuminate the entire case when it’s on. Not too sharp but hazy eye-friendly light for everyday use.Keyboard is the ultimate combination of mechanical goodness and superior RGB lighting. Apart from its bedazzling aesthetics, the board is also very well built, making it a great mechanical keyboard.

Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

Womier K87 is a mechanical keyboard with the scientific stair-up design brings maximum comfort, keeping your hand in a most natural state to minimize hand fatigue after longtime use and help you minimize typos. So it's designed for gamer, office worker, copywriter, programmer, typing teacher and editors.

Package includes:

1 * K87 RGB mechanical keyboard

1 * Type-C Cable

1 * User Manual

1* Switch puller and key puller

Type-c USB3.1, data transmission speed can 40Gbps,Detachable USB cable for concise acceptance and easily carry

Function Illustration:

Fn+INS:mode switching(breathing/steady light/monochromatic gradien)

Fn+DEL:mode switching(left and right waves/windmill waves/gradient by columns)

Fn+HOME:mode switching(ripple/single light/aurora)

Fn+END:mode switching(flashing stars/raindrops/up and down waves)

Fn+PGUP:mode switching(curvy wave/explosion wave/microwave sparkling)

Fn+PGDW:mode switching(left and right ripple/AMP color change/rainbow diffusion)

Fn+Backspce Press and hold for 3 seconds to restore factory settings


Fn+ ← Reduce rate

Fn+ → Strengthen rate

Fn+ ↓ Light down

Fn+ ↓ Light up

About this item

►Womier K87 Compact Mechanical Keyboard◄

Womier gaming keyboard uses PMMA organic glass material 360º full transparent glass panel, with the perfect size and it's good for Home and Office use, without Numpad, more practical for Gamers and Typist, give more space to your desktop.Ergonomic design, no feel fatigue after long term use.

►Amazing RGB Gaming Keyboard◄

This TKL keyboard has partitioned RGB modes with main keyboard RGB and around light RGB, showing different backlight effects and waves, double the playability. These modes will give you more enjoyment when you gaming or typing at night.

►Custom Hot-swappable Switch ◄

Womier K87 mechanical gaming keyboard adopts hot-swapped switches, full keyboard pluggable switch, plug and play. You can change different 3-5-pin mechanical switches according to your own preferences. So it's designed for you who pursue individuality and excellence.

►87-key Full-key No Conflict + PBT Double-shot Keycap◄

PBT double-shot keycap guarantees higher oil resistance and hardness, and also ensures the light transmittance of the keycap, making it have an excellent lighting effect. All keys without conflict You can press multiple buttons at the same time to trigger commands immediately without conflict or interference. Enjoy the fun of playing games very much.

►Keyboard Compatibility + Reliable Service◄ T

his keyboard compatible with Windows / MacOS.

►Please note◄ that when the keyboard is connected to the MacOS system for the first time, the keyboard light may flicker, and you need to download the keyboard system update software for debugging. The operation is very simple. The keyboard has no quality problems.Pls feel free to contact us when you meet any problem, Please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.